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4K Revolution: What’s Going on With Gaming and 4K?

It’s difficult to believe we used to all play games on crappy CRT displays with 640×480 resolutions and picture qualities that would now compel you to make a cross symbol with your two index fingers to ward off the evil in front of your eyes. In a world where High Definition is standard fare, something new peeked above the horizon

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Where Are They Now? The Who’s Who Of Industry Developers

New games go through a certain life-cycle, starting off with the rumors. Rumors turn into news on pending releases and the hype train soon follows. There’s the epic personal excitement we all get and then finally, finally, we get to play the game. But what do the creators of these games do once they’re installed on our hard drives? Well,

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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns in Gaming

Kickstarter has proved little short of a godsend to the gaming industry. As a community, we all know the things we’re excited about and would gladly pay our hard-earned cash for, but developers often have a hard time convincing the people who control the funds to make them. This platform has now raised well in excess of $100 million for

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The Ultimate Gaming Peripherals: PrioVR Exoskeleton From YEI Tech

We can’t take it any more… For the love of the gaming gods. Can we just make all these incredible, high-end, full-immersion virtual reality gaming peripherals an industry standard already? Can we please just make them freely available and with a massive library of supporting titles? Every day we hear about some amazing company sucking up millions of dollars via

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6 Worst Video Game Concepts of all Time

So, What Are The Worst Video Game Concepts of All Time? Our dollars are precious things. They’re precious to us and they’re precious to the companies trying to tantalize us into voluntarily removing from them from our wallets and handing them over, quick smart. This is especially true for the developers that invest countless millions of dollars into gaming products.

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“Real Gamers”: Let’s Stop the Gamer on Gamer Hate

Are you a “real gamer”? How can you be sure? Maybe you think you’re a real gamer, but you actually don’t fit somebody else’s definition of a real gamer. Maybe you’re love for videogames is newly found, and you think you’re a real gamer, but actually there’s this whole other gaming world to which you’re completely oblivious. As ever, it’s

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4 Competitors of the Oculus Rift (With a RL Holodeck?)

Unless you’ve been hiding away under a virtual rock for a few years, it’s very likely you’ve heard of the Oculus Rift. The VR headset continues to take the tech shows by storm and produce hilarious videos of people’s real-world reactions as their senses get turned upside down. The Rift is getting so much press attention in fact, it’s easy

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5 Gaming Trends to Expect in 2014

In our last article we saw how the gaming industry is a lot like Mother Nature, constantly producing bizarre genetic mutations in the hope that these new creatures will be successful in their bid to win resources, stay alive and evolve. So, what weird and wonderful things should gamers expect in 2014? Let’s take a look at what could be

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5 Gaming Trends That Died In 2013

The video game industry is a lot like the evolutionary process of Mother Nature. It’s a competitive environment and innovation is needed to vie for limited attention and resources. Weird and wonderful creations appear out of nowhere and are tested out in the wild. Successful experiments stick around, evolving, maturing and often improving. Others are just whopping fails… It truly

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Are The Now Current-Gen Consoles PC Killers?

Everybody loves a killer. What do we mean? Well, whenever something’s popular or established, anything, anything that comes out afterwards is a that-thing-killer. When Asus invented the EEE PC, it was a laptop-killer. It started the netbook trend. And then, every netbook released afterward was touted as the EEE-PC-killer. Take the iPhone. By gum, did take the world by storm.

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