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The Ultimate Gamer’s Favorite Unsettling Glitches

We have yet to see any videogame made without a single flaw, it’s just part of the gaming world we live in. Gamers and developers refer to these flaws as bugs or glitches. While some glitches might be a benefit to the player, most slip under the radar of the general public. There are, however, several glitches that will leave

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Top 9 Toughest Boss Battles (You Choose the 10th)

Boss battles can be tough. They can be tough on our patience, tough on our fingers, and a strain on our psychological stability. They induce nerdrage, nervous breakdowns, and justifications about how your copy of the game must be bugged or can leave us wondering if there was some kind of development error. Only the rush of elation we feel

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The Funniest Characters in Gaming

Few things are better than gaming. But those times when our favorite pastime teases out a few LOLs can be amongst our best memories. Here are The Ultimate Gamer team’s funniest characters. Did we leave any out? GLaDos Never before was there such a talented troll of an artificial intelligence. She tugs at our fears, leading us on and leading

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3 Ways Video Games Help With Real Life Issues

Okay, so we love video games. Probably a little too much… It’s no secret getting lost in a game can get us into a bit of trouble in the real world, (sorry Mom). In fact, games get kind of a bad reputation in general to non-gamers. Are games the creation of the Satan himself, or do they have real-world benefits

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7 Tips to Become a Better Gamer

Every gamer at some point or another has thought about how cool it must be to be a professional gamer. Getting paid to play video games? Yes please! While it should be pretty obvious that not everyone has the capacity to game on that level (really, have you seen those guys?), we thought we could at least give you a

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Top 9 Toughest Unlockables in Gaming

There’s something sadistically wonderful about spending hours, days, or months trying to obtain a “simple” unlockable in a video game. While many of the gaming secrets worthwhile are anything but simple they always come with a hefty amount of bragging rights and generally add a new element of gameplay to a game you may otherwise have been burnt out on.

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9 Games We’re Excited About in 2014 (You Choose the 10th)

We’re now at the end of Q1 this year, but what else should gamers be excited about for 2014? Well, there are a lot of nerdgasm-inducing titles on soon arriving… Here’s the Ultimate Gamer’s top 10 list for the pending 2014 releases.   1. Destiny The development studio responsible for Halo is due to release its next masterpiece in the

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Where Are They Now? The Who’s Who Of Industry Developers

New games go through a certain life-cycle, starting off with the rumors. Rumors turn into news on pending releases and the hype train soon follows. There’s the epic personal excitement we all get and then finally, finally, we get to play the game. But what do the creators of these games do once they’re installed on our hard drives? Well,

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4 Failed Predictions Of The 8th Gen Console War

Predictions are risky things. The millennium bug was going to implode our gaming rigs, 2012 was the end of the world, and Facebook stock shares were a hot buy… But predictions get a lot of attention, especially if they go against the grain of public opinion. The person predicting scores bragging rights if it comes true, and that only makes

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Most Disappointing Video Games Ever

The only thing more exciting than playing a good video game, is being excited about the next good videogame pending its release. We buy every magazine and search every blog in the hope of a quick glimpse at these new titles, desperate to find just one more screenshot we haven’t already seen. Few things in life hold greater anticipation than

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