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9 Games We’re Excited About in 2014 (You Choose the 10th)

We’re now at the end of Q1 this year, but what else should gamers be excited about for 2014? Well, there are a lot of nerdgasm-inducing titles on soon arriving… Here’s the Ultimate Gamer’s top 10 list for the pending 2014 releases.   1. Destiny The development studio responsible for Halo is due to release its next masterpiece in the

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Where Are They Now? The Who’s Who Of Industry Developers

New games go through a certain life-cycle, starting off with the rumors. Rumors turn into news on pending releases and the hype train soon follows. There’s the epic personal excitement we all get and then finally, finally, we get to play the game. But what do the creators of these games do once they’re installed on our hard drives? Well,

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4 Failed Predictions Of The 8th Gen Console War

Predictions are risky things. The millennium bug was going to implode our gaming rigs, 2012 was the end of the world, and Facebook stock shares were a hot buy… But predictions get a lot of attention, especially if they go against the grain of public opinion. The person predicting scores bragging rights if it comes true, and that only makes

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Most Disappointing Video Games Ever

The only thing more exciting than playing a good video game, is being excited about the next good videogame pending its release. We buy every magazine and search every blog in the hope of a quick glimpse at these new titles, desperate to find just one more screenshot we haven’t already seen. Few things in life hold greater anticipation than

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Top 9 Deaths In Gaming

Deaths in videogames can conjure up so many emotions. Sometimes they’re satisfying, other times cringe-worthy. Occasionally, they’re just about enough to have us sobbing like pre-teen girls watching Titanic for the first time (Ooooh, Leeoo!) Ahem… Here’s The Ultimate Gamer team’s list of the video game deaths with the biggest emotional response, be it good or bad. Just a kind

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Titanfall Beta Impressions By Dead3ye

Dead3ye here with my Titanfall Beta Impressions. To say that I have been excited to play Titanfall since it’s unveiling at E3 2013 is an understatement. I bought a Day One edition of the Xbox One because I knew that Titanfall was going to be something very special. Like many people who get excited about a certain game or gadget,

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15 Videogames Most Likely to Get Your Girlfriend Addicted

Okay, so we said girlfriend in the title. And yes, that’s what we mean. We’ve paid homage to the gaming girls of awesomeness in previous content, but the unfortunate reality is they’re in the minority. In a bid to skew the figures in a more favorable direction, here’s The Ultimate Gamer team’s guide to getting your girlfriend hopelessly addicted to

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U-Fail: Why the Wii U Isn’t the End for Nintendo

We can barely open our RSS feeds these days without being slapped on the chops by some headline about the end of Nintendo. The company with a veritable army of industry geniuses and the organization directly spot responsible for the renaissance of the videogame industry after it fell flat on its shovelware-laden ass in the 1980s seems destined for the

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Top 10 Most Addictive Videogames of All Time

There’s something about a good videogame addiction. Something special.  Something about the way it grips the soul, pulling tantalizingly at our heartstrings while we try to make our way around everyday life, malnourished and under slept. We interact with friends and family, do our jobs, study for our educations and it’s always there. Tempting. Exciting. Suggesting increasingly elaborate excuses and

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The 7 Most Influential Videogame Industry Professionals

The videogame industry is full of heroes. Godlike entities of unimaginable power and influence. They’re capable of feats that defy logic and reason while forming the futures and destinies of countless millions of us mere mortals. Nay, dear reader, we do not speak of the gaming protagonists badasses of digital legend, but of the influential superheroes standing atop the shoulders

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