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Top 12 Games from E3: The Ultimate Eye Candy Report

The Electronics Entertainment Expo. Every year, E3 brings hype, and the sexiest announcements in the entire video games industry. With the next gen consoles already released, this year saw all the incredible new games taking center stage. Such eye candy as we’ve never seen… The Ultimate Gamer team has taken the time to sift through the best ones for you,

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Are The Now Current-Gen Consoles PC Killers?

Everybody loves a killer. What do we mean? Well, whenever something’s popular or established, anything, anything that comes out afterwards is a that-thing-killer. When Asus invented the EEE PC, it was a laptop-killer. It started the netbook trend. And then, every netbook released afterward was touted as the EEE-PC-killer. Take the iPhone. By gum, did take the world by storm.

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We’ve Got Next-Gen. What’s Next? Oculus? Omni? Delta Six?

Aah, shiny things. How we love them. We all recently got a new shiny thing after looking forward to next gen consoles with great anticipation. Like a group of spoiled, obnoxious, entitled, ADHD, kids, The Ultimate Gamer team now wants the next shiny thing. But what could it be? Honestly, we don’t care… we just want it. Immediately. Here are

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Saints Row IV Amps Up the Insanity with $1 Million Dollar Collector’s Edition

Deep Silver didn’t think Saints Row IV was quite crazy enough being confined to just a game, so they’ve recently announced a $1 million dollar “Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition,” which features multiple glamorous bonuses that have literally nothing to do with Saints Row IV itself. Included in the Wad Wad Edition are a Lamborghini Gallardo, Toyota Prius (with one

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COD Ghosts: What We Know So Far

Yes, it seems we simply cannot get enough of this ever popular FPS and the next enthralling installment of fresh, boom-headshotting content is just around the corner. Rumor and speculation run rife about Call of Duty: Ghosts. Let’s take a look at the facts so far, starting off with a little controversy in its predicted success. Fall Sales Domination or

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Exclusive Demo with the Nvidia Shield. Is it the Ultimate Portable Gaming Device?

  CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO PLAY DEMO!   At CES this year – Nvidia had it’s Android powered Shield gaming system sealed behind glass and that was just no fun at all. Later at E3, that all changed! So what did we do? Well probably what any person lucky enough to be at E3 would do. We played it! First

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