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Top 10 Most Addictive Videogames of All Time

There’s something about a good videogame addiction. Something special.  Something about the way it grips the soul, pulling tantalizingly at our heartstrings while we try to make our way around everyday life, malnourished and under slept. We interact with friends and family, do our jobs, study for our educations and it’s always there. Tempting. Exciting. Suggesting increasingly elaborate excuses and

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“Real Gamers”: Let’s Stop the Gamer on Gamer Hate

Are you a “real gamer”? How can you be sure? Maybe you think you’re a real gamer, but you actually don’t fit somebody else’s definition of a real gamer. Maybe you’re love for videogames is newly found, and you think you’re a real gamer, but actually there’s this whole other gaming world to which you’re completely oblivious. As ever, it’s

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5 Gaming Trends to Expect in 2014

In our last article we saw how the gaming industry is a lot like Mother Nature, constantly producing bizarre genetic mutations in the hope that these new creatures will be successful in their bid to win resources, stay alive and evolve. So, what weird and wonderful things should gamers expect in 2014? Let’s take a look at what could be

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UltraGig ™ 6400, the Ultimate Wireless Video Solution for Smartphones and Tablets

With more consumers than ever connecting their mobile devices to their HD displays to recreate a big screen experience for interactive video applications like gaming, wireless technology has become critical in the delivery of seamless and robust connectivity. Delivering the highest quality HD video with ultra-low latency that doesn’t sacrifice reliability, WirelessHD® – a specification optimized for multi-gigabit data rate

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Exclusive Demo with the Nvidia Shield. Is it the Ultimate Portable Gaming Device?

  CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO PLAY DEMO!   At CES this year – Nvidia had it’s Android powered Shield gaming system sealed behind glass and that was just no fun at all. Later at E3, that all changed! So what did we do? Well probably what any person lucky enough to be at E3 would do. We played it! First

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The Future of Retro Gaming

With the pending release of Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation consoles, the retro classics of today get pushed further back in the ranks. With all the high-tech home visual awesomeness on the way and our mobile graphics horsepower and screen size of our smart phones and tablets increasing, you can’t help but wonder what the future might be for our favourite

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The Past, Present and Future of Mobile Gaming

There have been many starters such as the game Snake on the Nokia mobile back in 1997 and no one really cares about Solitaire on the BlackBerry and other handsets. The major milestone in this discussion was to come 10 years later with the release of the Apple iPhone and its adventurous App Store. The accuracy of the resistive touchscreen

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The Ultimate Gaming Debate – PC, Console, or Mobile

The Ultimate Gaming Debate – PC, Console, or Mobile The interactive element of video games as a medium offers co-creative storytelling and satisfyingly immersive action sequences which capture countless millions of imaginations in a way which movies never could. The hardware that delivers us these experiences has advanced a great deal over the years and while the PC vs. console

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