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Top 12 Games from E3: The Ultimate Eye Candy Report

The Electronics Entertainment Expo. Every year, E3 brings hype, and the sexiest announcements in the entire video games industry. With the next gen consoles already released, this year saw all the incredible new games taking center stage. Such eye candy as we’ve never seen… The Ultimate Gamer team has taken the time to sift through the best ones for you,

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Best Video Games Ever… Cause of Death: Unknown

As the ancient Geek proverb goes; “the only thing better than playing an awesome new video game, is being excited about the pending release of an awesome new video game.” Unfortunately, failures do sometimes happen leaving our hopes and dreams dashed. We head online and fire up our favorite gaming blog, only to see that dreaded word “Cancelled.” Their Cause

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Where Are They Now? The Who’s Who Of Industry Developers

New games go through a certain life-cycle, starting off with the rumors. Rumors turn into news on pending releases and the hype train soon follows. There’s the epic personal excitement we all get and then finally, finally, we get to play the game. But what do the creators of these games do once they’re installed on our hard drives? Well,

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The Industry’s Best Concept Artists

Doing top list features on gaming is kind of fun, but some are trickier than others. So what about video game concept artists? Well, it’s especially tricky because so many of them are so goddamn amazing.  This is the list we boiled down as a top five that verge close to Godlike with their ability to portray worlds with digital

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10 Questions about Valve and Their World Domination

Let’s face it, Valve is taking over the world. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing? Many have attempted world domination over the decades, and whether we’re talking iconic dictators or Pinky and The Brain, Valve is surely a better prospect as a domineering world super power than your average megalomaniac white mouse or crazy person with a gold-plated

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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns in Gaming

Kickstarter has proved little short of a godsend to the gaming industry. As a community, we all know the things we’re excited about and would gladly pay our hard-earned cash for, but developers often have a hard time convincing the people who control the funds to make them. This platform has now raised well in excess of $100 million for

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The Ultimate Gaming Peripherals: PrioVR Exoskeleton From YEI Tech

We can’t take it any more… For the love of the gaming gods. Can we just make all these incredible, high-end, full-immersion virtual reality gaming peripherals an industry standard already? Can we please just make them freely available and with a massive library of supporting titles? Every day we hear about some amazing company sucking up millions of dollars via

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U-Fail: Why the Wii U Isn’t the End for Nintendo

We can barely open our RSS feeds these days without being slapped on the chops by some headline about the end of Nintendo. The company with a veritable army of industry geniuses and the organization directly spot responsible for the renaissance of the videogame industry after it fell flat on its shovelware-laden ass in the 1980s seems destined for the

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Top 10 Most Addictive Videogames of All Time

There’s something about a good videogame addiction. Something special.  Something about the way it grips the soul, pulling tantalizingly at our heartstrings while we try to make our way around everyday life, malnourished and under slept. We interact with friends and family, do our jobs, study for our educations and it’s always there. Tempting. Exciting. Suggesting increasingly elaborate excuses and

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The 7 Most Influential Videogame Industry Professionals

The videogame industry is full of heroes. Godlike entities of unimaginable power and influence. They’re capable of feats that defy logic and reason while forming the futures and destinies of countless millions of us mere mortals. Nay, dear reader, we do not speak of the gaming protagonists badasses of digital legend, but of the influential superheroes standing atop the shoulders

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