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Top 12 Games from E3: The Ultimate Eye Candy Report

The Electronics Entertainment Expo. Every year, E3 brings hype, and the sexiest announcements in the entire video games industry. With the next gen consoles already released, this year saw all the incredible new games taking center stage. Such eye candy as we’ve never seen… The Ultimate Gamer team has taken the time to sift through the best ones for you,

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Interesting Booths of PAX 2013

Didn’t make it to PAX? It’s cool, we’ve got you covered. Check out what we thought were a few cool booths at the show! The Infinite Crisis Booth Are you a fan of MOBAs? Have you been a diehard DC Comics nerd since ancient times? Then you will love this booth. Infinite Crisis is the latest game to attempt dethroning

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Top 4 Places To Be At PAX Prime 2013

All of the excitement about this year’s PAX is coming to a crescendo. It’s less than a week away and there are plenty of exciting events to check out… but’s that’s the problem. You’re just one person with only two eyes. How are you going to decide what you need to see? We’ve got you covered. If you only make

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Exclusive Demo with the Nvidia Shield. Is it the Ultimate Portable Gaming Device?

  CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO PLAY DEMO!   At CES this year – Nvidia had it’s Android powered Shield gaming system sealed behind glass and that was just no fun at all. Later at E3, that all changed! So what did we do? Well probably what any person lucky enough to be at E3 would do. We played it! First

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E3 2013 in Review: Gaming OVERLOAD!

E3 2013 in Review: Gaming OVERLOAD! “EPIC”… the only word that can describe this year’s E3 Convention in LA! With a long awaited era of new consoles on the horizon (and the new games that come with them), this is a great time to be a gamer. This year there were tears of happiness, sadness and every emotion in between.

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