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Top 10 Gaming Controversies, Conspiracies & Legends in Gaming

  The San Andreas Hot Coffee Minigame There are controversies in every industry; music, movies, government healthcare systems… and of course gaming. Very few video games have gotten so much public attention as the Grand Theft Auto series. Arguably the peak of the series’ ability to have people frothing at the mouth while they lobby politicians for a ban was

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10 Most Successful Kickstarter Campaigns in Gaming

Kickstarter has proved little short of a godsend to the gaming industry. As a community, we all know the things we’re excited about and would gladly pay our hard-earned cash for, but developers often have a hard time convincing the people who control the funds to make them. This platform has now raised well in excess of $100 million for

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Valentine Special: The 10 Best Love Stories in Gaming

Sure, we all enjoy a good bit of smut every now and then, but sometimes it’s nice to let your more romantic, sentimental side flourish and shine. On that note, here are our top 10 romances in the history of gaming (though some smut may slip in…) Happy Valentine’s Day!   Shadow of the Colossus How much do you love

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Ban Violent Video Games Say the Guardians of Morality

Ok, it’s finally time to cut the crap. You know it. I know it. And every gamer worth their KD ratio knows it. Violent video games make homicidal, violent, racist, sexist, drug-addled psychopaths of each and every one of us. The time has come to finally ban violent video games. If you can put just a brief stop on that

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4 Competitors of the Oculus Rift (With a RL Holodeck?)

Unless you’ve been hiding away under a virtual rock for a few years, it’s very likely you’ve heard of the Oculus Rift. The VR headset continues to take the tech shows by storm and produce hilarious videos of people’s real-world reactions as their senses get turned upside down. The Rift is getting so much press attention in fact, it’s easy

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5 Gaming Trends That Died In 2013

The video game industry is a lot like the evolutionary process of Mother Nature. It’s a competitive environment and innovation is needed to vie for limited attention and resources. Weird and wonderful creations appear out of nowhere and are tested out in the wild. Successful experiments stick around, evolving, maturing and often improving. Others are just whopping fails… It truly

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The 5 Worst, Weirdest, WTF Games of 2013

So, another year draws to an unsuspectingly rapid close. Another year has gone by, leaving us to sit down and question if we’re finally too old for video games, or whether or it’s time to break up without our nagging other halves to get more time playing. It’s a time for reflecting on just how many hours we spent progressing

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Top 5 Family Games: How to Maximize Your Gaming Time this Christmas

Christmas is amazing. Mainly because it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy guilt-free, extended gaming sessions with no work or school hanging over our conscious. For many of us, it means sitting down and getting stuck into the kind of 14-hour stint we wish our busy lives offered more regularly. But, these sessions are not entirely without interruption. We need to

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Are The Now Current-Gen Consoles PC Killers?

Everybody loves a killer. What do we mean? Well, whenever something’s popular or established, anything, anything that comes out afterwards is a that-thing-killer. When Asus invented the EEE PC, it was a laptop-killer. It started the netbook trend. And then, every netbook released afterward was touted as the EEE-PC-killer. Take the iPhone. By gum, did take the world by storm.

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Losing Control: DualShock 4 Vs. XBox One Vs. Steam Controller

It’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned argument fuelled by fanboyism and healthy dose of purchase justification. That said, the DualShock 4 is hands-down the best controller on the market right now. Just kidding… (Or am I?). So, which controller is best?  These innocuous black gizmos are our very means of connecting with our games. It’s difficult to overstate the

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